Screenshots for MAC OS X

Here we have collected several screenshots that are supposed to clarify the download via bittorrent assuming that you work with mac osx and the safari browser. Please comment on these pages if you run into troubles or if you have suggestions to make this instructions more clear.

Download the torrent file

Click on the torrent link displayed on the bottom of the site that promotes the video. Your browser should download the torrent file which is a small file that contains the tracker information, yet not the video data. If you open Window -> Downloads in the Safari browser you will see the downloaded file displayed as your latest download. Please click on the magnifier icon on the right of the file!

Open the torrent file in "Finder"

If you clicked on the magnifier icon on the right of the file in Safaris "Downloads" window it opens the folder containing the torrent file with your "Finder" application and pre-selects the file for you. Doubleclicking the torrent file then triggers the start of the torrent application.

Opening the torrent file in BitTorrent

Now you see the torrent file in the BitTorrent application. It should look similar if you have another torrent application installed, such as "Bits on Wheels".

Start the Download

By choosing the file and clicking on the "Start" buttom you can start the download of the video.