Collaboration (1)

Florian Schneider
Novi Sad, January 25th, 2008, 17:00 -17:30

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The original idea of the DICTIONARY OF WAR traces back to an event we have been organizing almost three years ago in Tarifa, in the very south of Spain. At BORDERLINEACADEMY, where about two hundred artists, activists, theorists met, we were realizing that although we might share some basic beliefs, convictions or attitudes there is a surprising lack of understanding since specific keywords or buzzwords were conceived in tremendously different ways and notions. Sitting together and thinking about "what is to be done?" we thought that by organizing a dictionary session might reveal a certain potential for the creation of further and possibly very productive understandings and/or misunderstandings. It happened that in this spontaneous, ad-hoc or beta-version of the DICTIONARY the term "Collaboration" was the first concept. Collaboration is one of the guiding terms of an emergent political sensibility in which certain collectivities and mutalities are being redefined as modes of affectual politics. Collaboration, literally, means working together with others, especially in an intellectual endeavour.

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