Conditional Surrender to the City of Gardens

The Errorists
Graz, October 13th 2006, 20:00 - 20:30

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An experiment in teleology via a syntax octopus of popsongs. DNA is a syntax, which names an ideal fruiting endstate: a productive human, a reproductive frog, etc. This name for the future-state elaborates in response to experience-towards structural realization at full-resolution/reality. Human Rights and DNA are names for that set of infrastructure economies-the organs comprising a body- that allow the individual cells to experience at the next absolute scale of economy. This in contrast to the thoroughly discredited micro-incrementalist reactionary future-gaming of war and market masters. Oh the poor old market, the poor old web- precious self-elaborating logics- in desperate need of colleague economies. In need of the Multiple Transnational Infrastructure Economies which will use the extracted refined and recombined modernist materialism to form the infrastructure trellis that can support the elaboration outwards, of the next absolute scale of economy: The World Organ Economies, The Global City of the Gardens.

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