Ghetto Ambient

Sebastian Meissner
Novi Sad, January 25th, 2008, 21:30 -22:00

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Ghetto Ambient explores urban and rural environments frequently described as “non-places”. Expanding common definitions, which regards such places with limited presence of identity, social relations and history, this project is focusing on "places at the edge of the globalized world" (Spex), where silent and barely visible wars are fought: struggle for economical domination in the Barents (RUS/NO/FIN), new representations of (virtual) Jewishness in Crakovian district of Kazimierz (PL), housing struggle on the outskirts of Algiers (AL), abandoned agricultural and touristic resorts in the Judea desert (IL) and many other places.
Meissner uses processed photographic material collected on various geographic locations dissecting it into fragments and re-arranging it to a highly dramatic fictional movie. Moving slowly from one geographic location to another, each sequence is build with “an acute sense of spatial composition and narrative structure which is drawing the listener into a captivating aural tale” (All Music).