Na tragu mitologije

Jovan Divjak
Novi Sad, January 26th 2008, 14:30 -15:00

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Remotely contributed concept by Jovan Divjak, former general in the Bosnian army during the 1992-1995 Bosnian War. He was the highest ranking ethnic Serb in the army and one of its most educated and experienced officers. On April 8th, 1992, Divjak became Deputy Commander of BiH's Territorial Defense forces and a month later oversaw the defence of Sarajevo from a major JNA attack. In the video, he first explains that the reason why he can not be physically present at the DICTIONARY OF WAR is that government of Republika Srpska (Serbian territory in Bosnia) finds him, among ten other people, responsible for the events on May the 3rd 1992 in Sarajevo. He is found responsible by the government of Republika Srpska for deaths of the soldiers when the units of Territorial Defense of city of Sarajevo attacked one unit of JNA-Yugoslav army. Jovan Divjak talks about constant mythologization as a tool for hegemony of one nationality over the others, which according to him, could lead and led to a bloodshed. As Serb, he is strongly criticizing Serbian nationalism and hegemony in Bosnia, as well as Croatian and Bosnian attempts towards mythologization.