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Further Editions of the Dictionary of War in 2007

On the basis of the first 100 concepts of the Dictionary of War, local editions will translate and transform the dense collection of theory and practice collected in the first four editions into a local or regional context, adding another layer of depth to it. The first local edition of the Dictionary of War is planned for autumn 2007 in Novi Sad, Serbia.

Dictionary of War

A project by Multitude e.V. and Unfriendly Takeover
June 2006 – February 2007

“At least, when we create concepts, we are doing something.” (Deleuze/Guattari)

DICTIONARY OF WAR is a collaborative platform for creating 100 concepts on the issue of war, to be invented, arranged and presented by scientists, artists, theorists and activists at four public, two-day events in Frankfurt, Munich, Graz and Berlin. The aim is to create key concepts that either play a significant role in current discussions of war, have so far been neglected, or have yet to be created.

DICTIONARY OF WAR is about polemics in various respects: It seeks confrontation with a reality that is characterised by the concealment of power relations the more that one talks about war and peace. But it is also about finding out to what extent war may function as an “analyzer of power relations” (Foucault) that constitutes current changes.

Wörterbuch des Krieges

Ein Projekt von multitude e.V. und Unfriendly Takeover
Juni 2006 - Februar 2007

"Begriffe erschaffen heißt zumindest, etwas tun."

Das WÖRTERBUCH DES KRIEGES ist eine kollaborative Plattform zur Herstellung von 100 Begriffen zum Thema Krieg, die in vier zweitätigen Ausgaben in Frankfurt, München, Graz und Berlin mit jeweils 25 Beiträgen von Wissenschaftlern, Künstlern, Theoretikern und Praktikern gebildet und präsentiert werden. Als Vorträge, Performances, Filme, Slideshows, Lesungen, Konzerte in streng alphabetischer Reihenfolge als Marathon-Diskurs.

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